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About The Healthful Group

Integrative Health Experts

We are an independent company that was born from to the overwhelming amount of information out there available to you about your health. It can at times be confusing as to what to do when you have a health problem.

The world is changing so fast, and so are your health options. The Healthful group wants to educate and provide health information based on research and evidence from both western and natural medicine approaches that can be trusted.

Our aim is to educate on environmental, nutritional, hereditary and emotional/mental impact on health and offer information on ways to assess health issues through technology and clinical assessment, empowering you to make the best health choices.

Lucy Herron – Founder Of The Healthful Group

BHSC Comp Medicine, Dip Med Herb, Dip Naturopathy, Dip Nutrition, Dip Massage.

Lucy Herron has been practicing naturopathy for the past 11 years. Having owned six health related businesses, lectured at tertiary level, been a personal mentor to over 40 practitioners and treated thousands of patients she is not only a business mastermind bit also a skilled and dedicated integrative health practitioner.

With a passion in treating the endocrine system (Hormonal System) in particular thyroid conditions, her thirst for the truth is unprecedented. She currently works intergratively with an endocrine specialist in the USA to bring the most dynamic and cutting edge knowledge to her patients in Australia.

Having met and interviewed many internationally recognised integrative specialists, researchers, and practitioners at the forefront of health in the USA.(including Dr. Prudence Hall -featured on Dr. Phil and in the Susan Somers Books , Dr. Kent Holtorf -Leading thyroid specialist in the USA and Dr. Daryl Turner medical researcher), Lucy has developed a deep and broad understanding of the health options available to people. Having spent time clinically with some of these practitioners, observing the treatment of their patients, her wealth of knowledge and expertise is second to none.

She is the founder of The Healthful Group and The Lucy Rose Clinics in Australia.

Her goal is to educate practitioners and patients on the rapid changes happening globally in the health field and share this information so they can be better informed and KNOW what is available to them.

Lucy believes Western and Natural medicine need to be used in conjunction with eachother to truly get results. Neither offer all the answers but together they have the ability to truly get people well.

Her work has been in featured in Woman’s Day, Woman’s Weekly, Next magazine, That’s Life, New idea, Fitness Life, NZ Herald